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Swipe Right for Murder S01E08 Sharon Siermans

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Season 1, Episode 8 – “Sharon Siermans”
Twenty-nine-year-old mum Sharon Siermans from Ballarat (Victoria, Australia) was looking for love when she began chatting online to a man named Jason Godfrey, in January 2013. They arranged their first date but when Sharon met him at Ballarat train station, he looked nothing like he did online. Sharon was so embarrassed to be seen with him in public that she made a catastrophic decision: she invited him to her house. The date didn’t go well, so Sharon called it short. Sharon forgot all about her disastrous date and moved on. Meanwhile Jason was beginning a relationship with another local single mum, Sonji Beacham. But Jason Godfrey was not the man he claimed to be online. He was actually called Jason Dinsley and he was a man spinning a web of lies to hide his violent criminal past. Three months passed with no further contact. When Dinsley went for a late-night walk in the early hours of Saturday 6th April 2013, he walked past Sharon’s house. It brought back his intense feelings of rejection and he flew into a rage. He got a cricket bat from home, broke into Sharon’s house and beat her to death. What no one knew was that Jason Dinsley was on parole for a previous rape at the time of Sharon’s murder. He was sentenced to life in prison with a non-parole period of 32 years.



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